Monday, August 10, 2009

I can't believe that I have a NEW car, with the smell and everything~! Since Brian and I are both tightwads...well he's a tightwad - I'm just frugal, we decided to take advantage of our country's obamanation...err, I mean administration and get a little stimulus money. It'll be the only money we'll see coming our way from Uncle Sam. Brian was sad, but it was time to say goodbye (I said good riddance) to his little blue truck. It has over 250K miles and was 20 years old, the only thing he's had longer than me! We haven't owned a car in 20 years either, just trucks/suv. It's rather cramped, but great on gas. She's very cute and her name is Ruby.

This summer has flown by, I can't believe school is starting next week. I canned about 75 quarts of green beans this summer, along with putting up corn, peaches, peas, and tomatoes. We had an awesome vacation in Florida, including a cruise with all the Hart clan. Other than gardening, most days have been spent playing in the pool or toting my kids here & there. I'm ready for fall though, ready for cooler weather, football, and a routine.

God is awesome!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My wonderful valentine

Well I guess if I can only manage this every few months, I shouldn't bother. I just wanted to share my valentine present. You girls can have your candy, jewelry, flowers,etc. What makes my heart skip a beat is handyman work. I love it when Brian completes a project on my "honey do" list. I tear out magazine pictures and say "I want one of these" and he builds it. He is in Arkansas working for several weeks and couldn't be here. I was not very excited about Valentine's Day... figured I'd get flowers (too expensive, rather pick my own) candy (don't need it and prefer a Milky Way bar) or jewelry (gets in the way, my chickens peck at anything shiny). Valentine's Day a man drove up in a pickup loaded down with work tools. He said he was here to deliver my present. For YEARS, I've wanted a window installed above my kitchen sink, and that's exactly what I got. I was so excited! I look out this window many many times a day and think about what a great guy I have. I can't wait to look out and see him driving up the driveway.
It's hard being a single Mom, especially keeping Caleb entertained. I can't take him hunting so he is bored when Brian's gone. We recently drove a few miles north and went tubing in NC. Here are some pics. Love you guys!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shelby's Birthday

It seems that I can be good at blogging or parenting, but not both. I just can't seem to find the time. So much for tons of free time with the kids in school. I have about 6 precious hours to myself and so far have done nothing fun. I can't even find time to cut my own toenails much less have a pedicure. I am working one day a week and rest is filled with delivering meals, Bible study, projects at home, and selling on ebay (my new part time job). I don't know what time Oprah comes on and I'm not sure what a bon-bon actually taste like. Brian is working in Charlotte Mon-Sat so that leaves lots of taxi service to tend to. I am counting the days until football is over.

We celebrated Shelby's birthday this weekend while Brian was home. She has wanted this huge green chair since she saw one at a friends house months ago. I've had everyone looking for one and a friend came through a few weeks ago. I should have known they were at the mall... the one place I won't go (or Wal-Mart). I'm trying to break the record for the longest time a woman can avoid the mall. So far it's been over a year for the mall and 7 months for Wal-Mart. I'm a much happier person for it too.

Anyhow, here is a picture of Shelby with her big green chair. She wants to sleep in it tonight. That won't last long.

I am doing a precept Bible study on the sermon on the mount. It is so great, something I needed a long time ago. It has really made me look at lots of things differently. Don't expect me to become a nice person, that will only happen when the pod people come. I do hope to be a little more patient though. A little compassion would be earth-shattering. Humbleness would be quite a change but seems a little boring. I'd just settle for a constant reminder of who I represent... that would take care of it all. Brian says I'll get there someday... when I have dementia and the opposite personality takes over. See? there's always something to look forward to!

Love you guys and I plan on seeing you at Christmas.

Monday, August 11, 2008

more pics

pics from D.C trip

Washington D.C. trip

Sorry I haven't blogged this summer, it's just been a crazy summer. I can't believe school starts next week! Anyhow, I wanted to blog about our trip to D.C. this past week. It was an awesome trip that I highly recommend.
We took the Amtrak train which was an adventure but I can't say that I would recommend it. We left Greenville after midnight, thinking we would sleep on the way. Didn't happen... the train was very noisy, people boarding at 3 a.m. oblivious to that fact that everyone on the train was trying to sleep and it was freezing. I'm as hot natured at they come and I was cold! We arrived in Alexandria at 9 a.m. looking so forward to crashing for a while in our condo. Our reservations had us arriving the night before and I had called ahead to let them know we wanted to check in that morning. They said our rooms wouldn't be ready until 2:00. I did the chain of command routine and got nowhere. Shelby was so tired she was almost in tears. Now there happened to be a victorian parlor in the lobby entrance, you know the type... beautiful chairs and such that aren't meant to be sat on or used. I put a child on each George Washington era sofa with pillow and blanket (I did have them remove their shoes). I got out the Martha Washington tea cart and sat out my Mt. Dew, Cheez-Its and various fruits. Brian napped in a wingback but refused to snore for me. I hid our luggage behind the fireplace to enhance the homeless shelter look (if only I could have snagged a shopping cart from the street). After appalling looks from arriving guests (most of them from New York) and the stink eye from management... we were in our condo in 20 minutes. God works in mysterious ways and I just like to help out when I can.
We attended church at the National Cathedral Sunday morning. It was breathtaking in beauty, but I felt very lacking in God's presence. It was too much pomp and circumstance for me. A very unhappy looking bishop passed us during the service. I whispered to Shelby how unhappy he looked and she non-whispered back "of course he's unhappy, they make him wear a dress".
We were able to tour the White House. The first thing Shelby said about the White House is that it sure needs some shutters for color. I strongly agree! I spent more time filling out security information in order to get a tour than the actual tour itself. You see about 4 rooms that 50 people are trying to view at once through a small doorway. As disappointing as the White House was, the Capitol tour made up for it. I had no idea the Capitol was so beautiful. We had an escorted tour with a staff member of Senator DeMint's office. We able to ride the underground tram to the Capitol and view hallways and areas not available to the public. Every inch of these hallways were painted with nature scenes some Italian guy did. He painted all over the Capitol for 50 years! Caleb got to give a speech in the Senate Room (pic) the senators are all at their beach houses this week.
We loved getting around D.C. The metro was right outside our condo and is a great way to get around (pic) People were very friendly in giving directions. Brian won't ask (man thang) but it doesn't bother me. If they came to my house and they needed to bushhog a field or gather eggs... I bet they would need directions.
We walked so much in 7 days that I wore out a pair of tennis shoes. Mount Vernon was one of the best days. They had games for the kids (pic) and we could have stayed there for a week. The guy shown in period costume asked Shelby "If you could talk to anyone in history.. dead or alive... who would it be?" Shelby replied "I'd chose the live person". He laughed all day.
We saw lots of artwork in D.C. (pic) at least they call it artwork. I wanted to stand up and scream The Emporor Has No Clothes. We did see the original Kermit that Jim Henson made from his mother's coat. The historical paintings were awesome, the modern structures and such were just a bunch of crap... our tax dollars at work.
Of all the museums we toured, Caleb loved the Spy Museum. Shelby loved all the escalators and the metro. It was an awesome family trip with something for everyone. I looked forward to the Museum of Natural History, but it was mostly about evolution. We don't even get to claim we are from apes anymore. We all came from a rat named Maggie according to the Museum.(pic) More crap, but I did see the Hope Diamond.
There are a lot of homeless people in D.C. which is sad. It really bothers Shelby, she would have given all her money to homeless guys if I let her. Overall though, it is a clean city and we felt very safe even at night walking around. I had heard people were very rude, but didn't seem to find that to be the case. Caleb and I did our "Philly experiment" that we do in all large cities. We made eye contact and smiled, most smiled back and spoke. We only had once back experience. A guy carrying soft drinks to a "Haje Hut"(there are NO Caucasians in food service) spoke some rather harsh language to Caleb. We ignored him, but it bothered me. We later found ourselves at the same corner and saw him sitting outside the vendor trailer. I walked up to Osama and put a $100 bill on the counter and said I needed all the ice creams bars it would buy. He seemed excited and started getting them out. I then asked if the man worked for him ,pointing to the earlier offender. He said yes and I said nevermind, taking back my money. I told him that his guy needed to watch his language around children and that he wouldn't get any of my money. I know it did no good whatsoever, but I felt better.
We thought we were well prepared for the train ride home. We purchased blankets, sweatshirts, and ear plugs. It was like a sauna on the return trip. Oh well, it was still a great trip.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


My grandmother used to say, "Don't sacrifice your future for a fancy" or
Don't cut down a tree just cause you need some kindlin'" In other words, Don't jeopardize what you really want for something you "think" you want right now. There are many variations of this quote and they all mean the same thing and can be applied to lots of different aspects of our lives.... time, money, sacrifice,etc. I have been so wrapped up in a political situation regarding our local schools that I've really let things go, not just housework and stuff, but friendships and time with my family. I'm glad that I will be out of town for our election this Tuesday or I would be going crazy. This trip was planned before I knew when the election was, but God knew. I've decided that I have to take a step back. Instead of being concerned with what I want to focus on, or even what my family wants me to focus on (what for lunch? where's the ketchup? is my uniform clean?)I have to learn what God is concerned with. I can't be supermom, superwife, super(cleaning)lady, supercook, superfriend, blah blah blah In the course of events, I wind up not being super at anything, just mediocre at best. This is not a pity party, just a quick glance myself and simply not being thrilled with some areas. I also see it all around me. I think we are sometimes so involved that we can't evolve into what God wants us to become. My goal this summer is to slow down. I have canceled several activities and have refused to say yes to anything (especially my kids activities) without praying about it. I have deemed this my summer of sanity, so we started with a camping trip. Brian wanted to go but I just couldn't see how... I had so much to do. No food prepared, laundry undone,etc. Instead of worrying about my timing, I said why not. Away we went and had a great time. Mom even came down for the day and she did great. I'm trying to put aside my priorities for principles. My family and friends deserve better, but most of all my God deserves better.